Friday, 27 January 2017

Fusina Venice Anek lines Igoumenitsa to Venice ferry boat. Bus, water bus, ferry.

If you are planning to travel to Venice from Greece, Patra-Igoumenitsa-Venice, with the Anek line Ferry Boat, and are worried about getting a connecting bus to the airport, to get a connecting flight, or the train etc, then you have come to the right blog!

Where the ferry docks, near the town of Fusina, Venice, Italy. it took me ten minutes to walk to the bus stop. How to get to the bus stop and water-taxi, as you walk out of the terminal from the Ferry Boat, go straight ahead, up to the roundabout, take the first left, then you will come to a T junction, turn left, follow the road down, you will see Fusina Camping on the left, just outside you will see the bus stop for the  number 10 bus, you can get a bus ticket from the camping reception, which is open all day every day.

The bus runs on Sunday, every hour from 8 o'clock. You can buy a ticket , as previously stated, for the bus from Fusina Camping reception, €3. I usually buy a few bus tickets from the airport, or the ticket office in Plazza De Roma, Venice where the main bus station is located, because I am a regular visitor to Venice! You can use your ticket on any bus within a 1 1/2 hour time slot, from the time you frank your ticket on the bus.

A little hint, if you are going to Marco Polo Airport, you need the number 5, and if you buy online, or from one of the tourist offices, they will charge you €8, whereas if you buy from the bus station, just ask for a €1.50 ticket.

When you arrive from abroad, at the Marco Polo Airport, and you don't wish to pay €8 for a ticket into Venice, ask at the airport ticket office for a €1.50 ticket, walk out of the airport, keeping to the left, get to the junction, turn left, cross over from the Hotel, and you can't miss the bus stop, and the number 5 bus, they run regular, even on a Sunday.

I was told lots of conflicting information when I arrived in Fusina-Venice with the ferry boat from Greece, ignore them all, even the Tourist office in Venice gave me conflicting information! You can of course order a taxi at the terminal, not cheap!

You can get the water-bus from near the Fusina camping, you can buy the tickets from a booth, which  is manned, and open on a Sunday, the first water-taxi runs from 8 o'clock in the morning, inclufding Sunday's, and runs every hour, I took the boat, it cost me €8 euros, about a 15 minute sail to an area very close to Accedemia Bridge in Venice Town.

Fusina Camping is open all year around for tents, and camper vans, but the bungalows are closed in winter, however I got talking to one of the workers there, and he informed me this year, 2017, they were buying new bungalows that will be suitable for winter use.

I stayed in a bungalow in winter, in camp site outside Venice called Jolly Camping, got the bus to Mestre, and had to walk to the site, the bungalow cost me €22 euros for one night, it had AC heating, and hot water, free wifi, and the restaurant was open. Bus ticket was €1.50.

Will update this info with photos and bus timetables etc asap.