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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Island For Sale in Greece. Karlonisi, Ionian Islands, Greece

Property description

This astonishing private island belongs to an island complex and is closely located to Ionian Islands Kefalonia and Lefkada that constitute summer destinations for a significant number of tourists. The very frequent ferry boat connection with continental Greece and with the neighboring islands as well as the international airports of both islands also provide adequate accessibility.

The island is characterized by a variable topography boasting a total area that extends to approximately 678,000m². The island has round shape characterized by mild contours and two natural coves.

Its dimensions are approximately 1.4 km in length and 1.3 km in width. Karlonisi's highest peak reaches 220 feet and is situated close to its center. The entire island is mildly mountainous and rocky, with low vegetation.

The property's sea periphery currently features no facility for boat docking or anchoring. However, there are two natural coves that can be developed to anchor large vessels.

The island rises to 334 meters in height with dramatic cliffs. Its natural harbors, clear blue-green waters, sand and pebble beaches and sea caves give it the features of a classic paradise island.

The waters of the Ionian sea are calm, protected from the north-eastern winds and the region is marvelous for water sports, such as diving at the sheltered coves.

The island is large enough to offer total privacy or could be suitable as a large resort thanks to its good access points. This is a perfect private paradise, which has become a rarity!

Extra features

Exclusivity and privacy
Unique property
Easily accessible, bearing in mind that it is the nearest island to the port of Astakos
It is located within short distance from mainland
Clear ownership titles

The island has a natural sweet water spring located near the center of the island.

Please note that: As the acquisition of an island is a matter of prestige and maybe of pursuance of peace and privacy in an unspoiled environment, islands are a rather special property category and their value cannot be assessed with the same criteria as well do for commercial or income-producing properties.

Karlonisi (Greek: Καρλονήσι) is an island of the Echinades (Drakoneres subgroup), among the Ionian Islands group of Greece. It has an average elevation of 61 meters (200 ft). It is administered by the municipality OfIthaca and is situated 30 km (19 mi) east of the island. As of 2011, it had no resident population.

My commission is 2% plus VAT payable in the UK.

We can arrange lawyers, accountants, architects, civil engineers, for every aspect of developing the island and oversee the construction project from start to finish.

Multi-billionaire Richard Branson rents out his property Necker Island, starting at $78,000 per night, this island is not on the same scale as dear Mr. Bransons, a rental income is a real possibility though.

First construction will obviously be a jetty for docking barges that will bring building materials, second is building an off-the-grid home, sinking a well with a purification water system in order to enjoy your meditation time.

The power and water needed as previously mentioned can be supplied by solar and wind power, Refrigerators and cookers and heating can also be operated by propane gas.

A water source already exists, remember also rainwater can be gathered by means of guttering from an appropriately designed roof.

A large number of Greeks residing outside of large cities have their own waste pits, the building can be designed with appropriate waste disposal.

Properties that are prefabricated require less planning permission in Greece, a prefabricated home could be barged in this would reduce costs and fewer complications with construction.

A property that is pleasing to the eye yet simple seems to be the key to building an island home.

Purchasing the island is relatively straight forward, developing the island is a different story, however with a reliable architect’s and a legal team all the obstacles can be overcome.

Should you have the idea of making a permanent residence or a rental income we can help with staff, ferrying in clients to the island from any Greek airport or port, arrange diving and fishing excursions, supplying Greek or other chefs from other nationalities to provide a cuisine that will cater for paying guests, your holiday island home could become an exclusive rental. We can also provide winter security, assuming, of course, you or your company would operate merely a summer let or residence, the island can be an all year round residence or holiday rental.

The bureaucracy in Greece is a nightmare and will slow any plans you would envision for this island, we use a law firm that has contacts in Greek political and commercial circles. This will help prevent a lot of hurdles that are obstacles for developers in Greece.

Purchase and any development of the island is not for the impatient of heart!

The surrounding mainland is full of ancient history, the Battle of Actium took place not too far up the coast from the island, Cleopatra fled from the battle and abandoned Mark Anthony, the Roman Empire then moved from a republic to a dictatorship, thus shaping the Roman world and future European history, the mainland is full of historical sites, the West Coast Islands of Greece in recent times have avoided many of the problems of the Aegean Islands.

The island is reachable either from the airport at Preveza, or travelling to Venice or other ports of the Eastern coasts of Italy, then the overnight Ferry down to Igoumenitsa and a 90 minute drive to a mainland port located near to the island, and of course a nautical type can obviously reach the island via a yacht. There are local marinas where a craft can be berthed during the winter.

The whole coastline of this part of Greece will take your breath away, I have visited this area even in the winter, as my son and my Greek daughter-in-law live near the island, and the sea and the isolated beaches make you feel it is good to be alive to enjoy such experiences.
* Sizes listed are approximations. Please contact the agent to verify actual sizes.


Friday, 27 January 2017

Fusina Venice Anek lines Igoumenitsa to Venice ferry boat. Bus, water bus, ferry.

If you are planning to travel to Venice from Greece, Patra-Igoumenitsa-Venice, with the Anek line Ferry Boat, and are worried about getting a connecting bus to the airport, to get a connecting flight, or the train etc, then you have come to the right blog!

Where the ferry docks, near the town of Fusina, Venice, Italy. it took me ten minutes to walk to the bus stop. How to get to the bus stop and water-taxi, as you walk out of the terminal from the Ferry Boat, go straight ahead, up to the roundabout, take the first left, then you will come to a T junction, turn left, follow the road down, you will see Fusina Camping on the left, just outside you will see the bus stop for the  number 10 bus, you can get a bus ticket from the camping reception, which is open all day every day.

The bus runs on Sunday, every hour from 8 o'clock. You can buy a ticket , as previously stated, for the bus from Fusina Camping reception, €3. I usually buy a few bus tickets from the airport, or the ticket office in Plazza De Roma, Venice where the main bus station is located, because I am a regular visitor to Venice! You can use your ticket on any bus within a 1 1/2 hour time slot, from the time you frank your ticket on the bus.

A little hint, if you are going to Marco Polo Airport, you need the number 5, and if you buy online, or from one of the tourist offices, they will charge you €8, whereas if you buy from the bus station, just ask for a €1.50 ticket.

When you arrive from abroad, at the Marco Polo Airport, and you don't wish to pay €8 for a ticket into Venice, ask at the airport ticket office for a €1.50 ticket, walk out of the airport, keeping to the left, get to the junction, turn left, cross over from the Hotel, and you can't miss the bus stop, and the number 5 bus, they run regular, even on a Sunday.

I was told lots of conflicting information when I arrived in Fusina-Venice with the ferry boat from Greece, ignore them all, even the Tourist office in Venice gave me conflicting information! You can of course order a taxi at the terminal, not cheap!

You can get the water-bus from near the Fusina camping, you can buy the tickets from a booth, which  is manned, and open on a Sunday, the first water-taxi runs from 8 o'clock in the morning, inclufding Sunday's, and runs every hour, I took the boat, it cost me €8 euros, about a 15 minute sail to an area very close to Accedemia Bridge in Venice Town.

Fusina Camping is open all year around for tents, and camper vans, but the bungalows are closed in winter, however I got talking to one of the workers there, and he informed me this year, 2017, they were buying new bungalows that will be suitable for winter use.

I stayed in a bungalow in winter, in camp site outside Venice called Jolly Camping, got the bus to Mestre, and had to walk to the site, the bungalow cost me €22 euros for one night, it had AC heating, and hot water, free wifi, and the restaurant was open. Bus ticket was €1.50.

Will update this info with photos and bus timetables etc asap.

Monday, 9 November 2015


The Buying Process:
APPOINT A LAWYER TO REPRESENT YOU - As in any other EU country you will need to appoint a lawyer. They check every aspect of the ownership title of the property,  and ensure that there are no legal claims against the property or the sellers. We can recommend experienced lawyers, fluent in your language to work on your behalf.
APPOINT A NOTARY - Your lawyer will appoint a notary to prepare the final Contracts for the purchase. This is a government official who checks all the documents prepared by your lawyer to ensure the total legality of the property transfer.
OBTAIN A GREEK TAX NUMBER (AFM) - If you make a Power of Attorney your lawyer will be able to obtain a Greek Tax no. on your behalf and sign the final contract if you cannot attend the signing in person. The Tax No. is obligatory for all buyers, and is issued from the Tax Office.
OPEN A GREEK BANK ACCOUNT – all funds for your property must come through this account. You will need:
  • Your Greek Tax Number.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • A document verifying your residential home address – drivers licence, council tax bills, utility bills etc.
  • A document establishing that you pay tax in your home country – wage slip, or company accounts if you are self employed. 
SIGN AN INITIAL AGREEMENT – this will be prepared by your lawyer and will outline all the terms and conditions of the purchase.
PAY A DEPOSIT - this is usually 10% and is paid in order for your chosen property to be removed from the market. This is held in our Client Trust Account and forms part of the funds at final contract completion.
FINAL COMPLETION – for this either you can return to sign personally, or you can leave a Power of Attorney with your lawyer to sign on your behalf. They will also be responsible for paying all fees and taxes which are due at this time.
ADDITIONAL EXPENSES – these vary for each property, but you should allow approximately 10% in addition to the price of the property. These include:
  • Purchase tax, (this varies according to the specific property)
  • Lawyers fees 1.5% - 2%
  • Notary's fees 1.5% - 2%
  • Agency Fees 2% + VAT
FINANCE – it is currently very difficult to obtain a mortgage in Greece, although occasionally it is possible. Most buyers choose to raise finance based on property they currently own in their home countries.
BUYING REGULATIONS - are now the same for Greek nationals, EU citizens and non EU citizens.
RESIDENCE PERMITS - you will not need to obtain a residence permit before you buy your property, but if you are planning to buy a car or motor bike you will need one.